Manufacturing supervision system (mms)
Simple, flexible yet powerful production control

When employees are productive, they can either produce more work or take less time to accomplish it. Producing the same output with less effort helps reduce operational costs, which in turn increases profitability. Better workcentre utilization with less downtime also frees up additional capacity. By controlling productivity, your business becomes not only more profitable, but also more competitive, securing its future.

And when it comes to PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT, there is not a more effective tool than ZOOMFAB. No ERP, MES or standalone OEE monitoring can match accuracy, simplicity and effectiveness at which ZOOMFAB delivers real-time shop floor visibility with machine status and utilization data, production efficiencies and meaningful analytics. ZOOMFAB’s “What If?” module, an industry first, further provides users with an advanced modeling and simulation tool, allowing better understanding of financial impacts caused by various machine and work centre utilization scenarios.

ZOOMFAB is a cloud-based software application (SaaS), which uses non-invasive battery powered wireless IIoT sensors to collect data from the factory shop floor. As there is no internal IT infrastructure required, deployment is fast, safe and economical.

better control
additional capacity
lead time
more profit
Production efficiency
Monitoring Machines
Monitoring machines
Pro active management
Detecting problems
Pro active management
Detecting problems
Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement

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