pro-active management tool

ZOOMFAB provides real-time information about machine and work centre utilization which is supported by powerful analytics. With operational facts available in real-time, ZOOMFAB empowers managers to take a pro-active approach in eliminating problems before they appear and potentially become a source of confrontation or crisis. A pro-active approach is also the best technique for continuous business improvement resulting in better organization, improved machine utilization, resource savings and substantially increased profit.


With ZOOMFAB, users can see in real-time machine and work centre generated revenue and profit. In addition, ZOOMFAB accurately calculates operations hourly rates and compares budgeted and actual results, showing the user well in advance, where money is made or lost. This unique tool is initially very confronting as it often crashes opinions and replaces them with hard facts, but it is one of the most valued features of ZOOMFAB.


strategy tool

ZOOMFAB has advanced analytical and modelling capabilities making it a unique strategic tool. The user can evaluate the effects when changing working hours, improve machine utilization, remove or introduce new machinery. This information is instrumental when making the right decisions about reducing or increasing working shifts, timing the investment or purchasing the right equipment.


For company owners, plant and equipment often represent their biggest investment. ZOOMFAB Asset Module is a comprehensive management tool for storing and maintaining information about company assets, their acquisition, finance, insurance, warranty and maintenance. Written notes, attaching documents, files and images to each record is easy. Asset Module also monitors warranty periods and supports scheduled maintenance and calibration.